5 Reasons to stay in the shade on a sunny day

5 Reasons to stay in the shade on a sunny day

For most people are the sunny days of the year also the most pleasant days of the year. Despite it spending a short time in the sun are useful can, can overexposure inflict incredible damage to the skin and eyes.

Most people enjoy a sunny day. The Advocate chicken generally a carefree and positive feeling more than life. Moreover can wear light clothes and you do not have to take your umbrella everywhere in case it rains. Although the sun is a source of vitamin where body advantage has, there are also disadvantages. The powerful rays of the sun can have a bad influence on our body and eyes.

Stay in the shade

We share 5 Reasons why people should stay in the shadow on sunny days:

1. Burning of the Skin

When people spend unprotected time in the sun, the chance of combustion is high. Burn in front of the sun is not only painful for the duration will ook peeling occur. Therefore it is wise to use a sunscreen of high quality protective order to prevent burning and peeling of the skin.

2. Collagen and Elastic damage

The UV-A rays of the sun is collagen broken into your skin. Such damage reduces the elastic ability of the skin. This can cause wrinkles and skin aging.

3. Skin leathery

Too much heat damages the skin. Sun effects can greatly affect the toughness of the skin, so this can be leathery. Although this mainly occurs in people over 40 years, young people have this complaint more often. Is it because our life has changed: we have still more holidays, are then like outside nl | the sun search.

4. Sunspots

As a result of prolonged exposure to the sun can Sunspots Genesis. Like collagen and elastic damage sunspots caring for an aging radiance skin. To sunspots occur in the skin, you best sufficient spend time in the shade.

5. Risk of Skin Cancer

Excessive sun exposure can cause skin cancer, according to research. Overexposure to the sun kills skin cells, resulting in a greater chance of skin cancer also.

Know the Risks of the Sun

Hold time in the holes when you spend in the sun this and do not protect your skin against harmful effects mentioned above. Of course you can enjoy the outdoors on sunny days, but think of the right protection and go every now and then in the shade. Remember ook certainly not to protect your eyes with Your Own The Brow®, open the shades! Order in our webshop!

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