How Indians inspired The Brow

How Indians inspired The Brow

Did you ever wonder why you feel better in the summer? Maybe you suffer from depression in the winter. There is a simple reason for this and many other health problems. It all depends on the amount of sunlight you get per day. Through sunlight the body reduces the hormone melatonin and produces necessary vitamins.

Getting enough sunlight

The production of melatonin slows down through sunlight. The amount of melatonin we produce is linked, in reversed proportion, to the intensity of the (sun)light we receive during the day. The reduction of the production of melatonin is important for our well being during the day, it keeps you awake and bright. Sure, you can take vitamin supplements, but getting a good dose of sunlight is always best. You can reduce the production of melatonin with outdoor exercise and other activities. Things like golf, tennis, taking a walk, sailing or just hanging out with friends on a terrace are all good ways to get the health benefits of sunshine.

Sunlight in your eyes

To much sunlight, however, is not good for our eyes. You can wear sunglasses, a traditional visor or hat or just shield your eyes with your hand. After a while, hats and visors start to get hot and even sweaty (yuck!). Sunglasses filter the sunlight, but they isolate you socially from others. Not to mention, nothing looks like it really is. Trees and grass aren't supposed to be blue. Your hand, like the Indians did through there forehead, is well handy and all that squinting will give you wrinkles. No wonder so many people just give up and stay inside.

There is a way to go outside and soak up those healthy rays while seeing clearly. The Brow is developed to shade your eyes. The Brow is a patented sun visor that covers your eyes from direct sunlight while letting you see clearly. The Dutch designed The Brow is made in Italy and available worldwide online.

Shield your eyes but keep in contact
The Brow goes on like sunglasses, but sits directly over your eyes shading them from intense direct sunlight. It's lightweight, only 19 grams, and made of hi-end nylon. You can wear it summer and winter. The Brow will release you back into nature and all the health benefits of melatonin-reducing sunshine.Do you love sunglasses but don’t like the way their dark lenses block your view? If you don’t like wearing a hat but feel forced to do so in order to protect yourself from the suns ever present glare? Are you interested in an functional product that will have your friends and family asking where you got such a smart alternative to traditional sunglasses? Have you ever wondered why our Indian ancestors placed there hand to their forehead to cover the direct sunlight?

Inventors of The Brow

Sunglasses are great. Although we can all agree on that, they don't always provide enough sun protection. The alternative to a frowning face is to wear both sunglasses and a hat/visor. This attempt to prevent squinting in the bright sun leaves sun worshippers bogged down with too much gear. The Brow is part of the solution to this problem.


Indian ancestors

The makers have combined high tech and style into a tiny fashionable and functional sun visor. Now why didn't I think of that! Our Indian ancestors would place their hand above their eyes to shade them from the sun's bright, which inspired the design of The Brow. The Brow provides shade for eyes without those dreaded raccoon eyes everyone gets from wearing sunglasses for too long. 

The Brow is for everyone

The Brow makes great birthday or Christmas gift for everyone from grandma to uncle Joe. Sports enthusiasts will love not having to worry about uneven tan lines from hours of sitting on the bleachers and outdoor fanatics will revel in the joy of being able to see the outdoors and all it has to offer in its real way.

This two in one product is a must have! Why not be the first person at work or on your sports team to have this new and exciting product? Buy The Brow and you will be a trend setter for sure. Some exciting features of these shades are the soft ear tips, durable frame, comfy nose piece, and flexible fit. Next to these user-friendly features, the product is high quality, made in Italy!

Not only is the sun visor practical, they are also affordable and fashionable. It comes in twelve different colors. The frame is light and flexible. So act now so you don't have to do as the Indians did and place your hand above your eyes to shield them from the direct sunlight.

How to get your own The Brow?

Our website is very easy to maneuver. You can even "try them on" by clicking the "see on Jack or Jacky" button. The Brow is available through our webshop.

The Brow®, the Open shades!

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