8 Facts about The Dutch golf course

8 Facts about The Dutch golf course

Designed by Colin Montgomerie, the Ryder Cup Captain according to the European Golf Design, the Dutch golf course is a real marvel in Spijk, Netherlands. It is here that the European Tour, Dutch Open will be held between 2016 and 2018. Here are 8 facts about this golf course that you need to know!

  1. Great opening with 750 private members

    By the time it was opened in May 2011, the golf course had already attracted more than 750 private and corporate members.
  2. The Dutch is designed for tournaments

    The owner of this golf course wanted a golf course that could attract premium members and hold major professional tournaments. As such, the designer had to come up with a design that could attract corporate and high value memberships. While this was challenging on its own, the real problem was implementing the design by Montgomerie. The challenge, in this regard, was that the proposed site for the Dutch golf course was uninspiring and a couple of meters below the sea level.
  3. The Ryder Cup 2018

    The Dutch was selected as a candidate venue to host The Ryder Cup in 2018. The organization chose for another location for 2018.
  4. Base of air-filled concrete

    A new technology was used to construct the course. The foundation was built using air-filled concrete, beneath green complexes. To prevent the ground from sinking and to lower soil weight, polystyrene blocks were integrated in the mounds.
  5. Best quality soil

    In order to raise the ground and provide a substantial amount of material for creating and shaping the visual interest of the course, soil was imported to the site.
  6. Fee to join

    The yearly fee to join The Dutch is between 3.500 and 5.000 euro
  7. The Dutch’s Construction Quality Is Exceptional

    The construction quality of this golf course surpasses that used in most of the golf courses in the Netherlands. Its superiority is reflected in such aspects as the clubhouse, practice facility, maintenance of the course, hospitality and services. This golf course is a great venue with perfect facilities, high quality infrastructure and ample space.
  8. Inland left golf course

    The styling of the Dutch mimics inland links, with such features as undulating green complexes, bur-like hazards that are diverse and links-like bunkering.

The sun during golf

The golfers and fans in the Dutch will be exposed to rays from the sun for a considerable part of the day during the KLM open. This is something that golfers and fans need to care about.

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