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Present General Conditions are used by
The Brow B.V.
Gezichtslaan 37,  3723 GB  BILTHOVEN,  THE NETHERLANDS

Registered in the company register with the Chamber of Commerce in Utrecht with number NL 30275564. The Dutch BTW-number (Dutch VAT) of The Brow B.V. is NL82.16.18.647.B01.

The Brow B.V. can be reached by phone at phone number +31 (0) 30 2200000. This phone number can be reached from Monday till Friday between 9:00 and 18:00 hours CET. More over within reached by e-mail, by sending an e-mail to:

Article 1. Definitions

In these General Conditions used words, singular or plural, that start with a capital letter, have the meaning of the italic words as defined underneath in this article.

  • 1.General Conditions: present general conditions.
  • 2.Order procedure : The procedure that the Customer goes through in an interactive way at the Website/Webshop on ordering Products.
  • 3.Customer: The other party of The Brow B.V., with whom The Brow B.V. enters into a Contract.
  • 4.Contract: contract of which the General Conditions are an integral part of concerning the sale and delivery of Products.
  • 5.Parties: The Brow B.V. and Customer together.
  • 6.The Brow B.V.: the party that operates the General Conditions, also opposing party of Customer.
  • 7.Website: the website of The Brow B.V., to be found under the URL:
  • 8.Products: visors that The Brow B.V. offers on her website, which Customers can order.

Article 2. Appropriateness

  • 1.The General Conditions are applicable to all Contracts, possible (e-mail)newsletters, the Website, the Order procedure as well as contacts and/or (juristic) acts between Parties, also when these (juristic) acts could not lead to a Contract.
  • 2.Appropriateness of general delivery or payment conditions and/or general or special conditions of Customer are expressly exclusive.

Article 3. Realization Contract

  • 1.The Products as offered on the Website with accompanying price as on offer without obligations, which can be accepted by Customer by going through and completing the entire Order procedure.
  • 2.The Brow B.V. does not guarantee that the offer as referred to before is without mistakes and/or omissions. Misprints are expressly reserved and can be an foundation for not accepting the Contract. If The Brow B.V. decides so, she will immediately inform the Customer with this.
  • 3.If the Contract is not established of disbanded, for what reason so ever, under which is included the situation as referred to in the preceding subsection. The Brow B.V. bears the responsibility for – when the Customer paid in advance, refunding the paid amounts tot the Customer as is possible for The Brow B.V., including the initial shipping costs. This refund will at least take place within 60 (sixty) days.

Article 4. Prices and payment

  • 1. Prices as stated on the Website are inclusive VAT, as well as inclusive other enforced levies as stipulated by the authorities. The price are exclusive shipping cost, the shipping cost are € 2,95. The Customer will be charged for these during the Order procedure.
  • 2. The Brow B.V. is authorised to adjust the price at any time. With price changes, this has no consequences for current Contracts, which will be executed for the prices that where agreed on.
  • 3. The due amounts can be paid by the Customer in de following ways:
    • a. by means of electronic prepayment (iDeal)
    • b. by means of creditcard.

Article 5. Delivery Period

  • 1. The delivery period as stated on the Website as well as in confirmation e-mails are indicative.
  • 2. The Brow B.V. will make a supreme effort tot achieve this indicative stated delivery periods.
  • 3. If and as far as The Brow B.V. cannot deliver the ordered Products to Customer within 30 (thirty) days, the Customer has the right to cancel the Contract after The Brow B.V. informed not being able to execute the Contract within the stated period. Then Article 3.3. is in accordance application.

Article 6. Revocation Right.

  • 1.The Customer has the right to return the delivered Products to The Brow B.V. within 7 (seven) weekdays after receipt, without providing reasons ( so without having to fill in the complaint form as stated in article 7.1) providing that:
    • a. the Products are returned at the expense of the Customer, not sufficiently stamped packages will not be accepted by The Brow B.V.
    • . the Customer itself is responsible for the way of shipment and for the risk of the package – and this responsibility and the risk herewith is accepted by Customer – until The Brow B.V. received it.
    • . The Products have to be returned in original packaging, packed correctly. The Products can be send to the address given at the top of the General Conditions.
  • 2. The revocation counts as disbanding value whereby the Customer has the right to refund of which already paid. With revocation article 3.3. is in accordance application.

Article 7. Complaints

  • 1.If and as far as the Customer believes the characteristics of the Product do not satisfy the Contract, the Customer will consult The Brow B.V., after which Customer has the right to return the Products to The Brow B.V. provided that:
    • a)Customer has inspected the delivery after receipt and reported possible defects by e-mail ( or contract form to The Brow B.V. within a qualified period. After receiving this e-mail The Brow B.V. will confirm the receipt of the e-mail to the Customer;